Costflow Syntax V0.1

Costflow is a productivity tool for plain text accounting. By connecting messaging apps with cloud storage services, it can be much easier to create new directives/entries, especially on mobile devices. You can get more details in this post.

Costflow Syntax is the rule for parsing plain text to the accounting tools formats, such as Beancount, Ledger and hledger, etc. It’s the core part of Costflow.

We just released the first version – Costflow Syntax V0.1, it’s open source on


  • Date is optional, the default value is ‘today’ in your timezone;
  • Currency/Commodity code is optional;
  • Account name replacements. E.g. bofa in your message will be replaced with Assets:US:BofA:Checking;
  • Get real time price for exchanging rate or stock, even cryptocurrency;
  • Simple transaction syntax;
  • Custom indent and line length;

Get the full syntax on

If you want to request early access, please sign up this form:

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