Costflow Syntax v0.2

New features in Costflow Syntax v0.2

We just released Costflow Syntax v0.2,here are some new features:

1. Simpler date format

Only YYYY-MM-DD date format is supported before, from Syntax v0.2, we support more date formats:

  • Month name: Jul 25 / July 10 / Aug 2. The month name can be the full name or three-letter abbreviations, the first letter should be uppercase.
  • Relative dates:
    • Yesterday: yesterday / ytd.
    • The day before yesterday: dby.
    • Tomorrow: tomorrow / tmr, useful for Balance command.
    • The day after tomorrow: dat.

2. Insert time info to transactions

For making transaction entries more accurate, you can insert time info to every transaction from Syntax v0.2. To active this feature, just add the insertTime field to config, the value can only be metadata in this version. Costflow Hub users can active this on the Settings page.

For example, the transaction entry looks like this:

2019-07-01 *  "McDonald's" "?"
  time: "11:22:33"

3. Insert link

You can insert link(s) to transaction just like the tag(s) do.

Costflow Syntax v0.2 is already supported on Costflow Hub and Costflow Playground.

Check out Costflow Syntax Docs for more information.

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