Introducing Costflow

Costflow is a productivity tool for plain text accounting. By connecting messaging apps with cloud storage services, it can be much easier to create new directives/entries, especially on mobile devices. Users send messages to our bot on messaging apps, such as Telegram, Whatsapp, LINE, etc., Costflow will parse them to the plain text accounting tools format, then save to the ledger file.

For example, send the message below to Costflow bots:

Dinner #trip 200 bofa > trip

Costflow will parse it to the content below and append to your ledger file on Dropbox or Google Drive, etc.

2019-06-25 * "Dinner" #trip #costflow
  Assets:US:BofA                              -200.00 USD
  Equity:Trip                                 +200.00 USD

There is also a video demo:

Early Access

ToolsBeancountLedger, hledge
Messaging AppsTelegramWhatsapp, Line, etc.
Cloud StorageDropboxGoogle Drive, iCloud

We are developing MVP right now. If you want to request early access, please sign up this form, it will help us make better plans.


  • Date is optional, the default value is ‘today’ in your timezone;
  • Currency/Commodity code is optional;
  • Account name replacements. E.g., bofa in your message will be replaced with Assets:US:BofA:Checking;
  • Get real time price for exchanging rate or stock;
  • Simple transaction syntax;
  • Run jobs at regular intervals. E.g., insert price directive regularly or create transaction monthly for your subscription services;
  • Custom indent and line length;
  • Custom notifications through messaging apps;


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